I am an artist.

In most ways, my world is probably not that different from yours. while I am an artist … I am also a husband and father. I have always worked and volunteered for folks in my community. I have lived in the US all my life (from the Southeast to the Midwest and now in the Mid-Atlantic). But, because my Mom came from England and Ireland, I have some neat foreign connections too.

Wondering and wandering, I do quite a bit of both. I really enjoy looking at my community and its people. I seem to do that everywhere I go. It is quite important to me … and to my art … to make time for exploring the natural history and geography of new and old places; to see the culture, art, and history of its people as part of that place. I have always loved sharing those experiences with others. That is part of why this web log exists.

I have made my living as an artist and as an artist-educator.  I am usually both extremely excited and yet totally at ease when I am in an art studio or in an art museum/gallery. Others may not feel that comfortable in either. Maybe my view of things is a bit different than average. Well, I will try to put you at ease while I share some of my excitement with you.



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