I am an artist.

In most ways though, my world is probably not that different from yours.

So, I am an artist … but I am also a husband and father.  I have always worked and volunteered for the folks in my community.  All my life I have lived in the U.S. (from the Southeast to the Midwest and now in the Appalachian Mountains of the Mid-Atlantic). But, because my Mom came from England and Ireland, I am lucky to have some neat overseas family connections too.

As to what I am like, well, I would say that I enjoy wondering and wandering.

Ever since I was quite young, I have done quite a bit of both.  Looking at and sketching the places that I find myself is a central part of how I explore the world.  It is also quite important to me … and to my art … to make time to connect with the history, natural history, and geography of new and old places.  I want to see and to try and understand something of the culture, art, and history of a place.  This probably affects how I go about observing and sketching how a community’s people inhabit and interact with the spaces they live and work within.  I’ve always loved sharing my experiences and sketches with others.  That is part of why this web log exists.

I have made my living as an artist and as an artist-educator.  I am usually both extremely excited and yet totally at ease when I am in an art studio or in an art museum/gallery. Others may not feel that comfortable in either.  Maybe my view of things is a bit different than average.  Well, I will try to put you at ease while I share some of my excitement with you.


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