A Long Wait; Just A Little Spare Time

Sometimes life throws us a curve.

This past weekend I was going to be in one of those “wait, wait, and wait some more” situations. Since I’d have to cool my heels a bit, I took a much needed work project along and did make some good progress. But as I grew tired of working on a weekend, I popped out for a quick lunch. And as I came back to the waiting area I spent some time just observing other folks who were also playing the waiting game.

Eventually, I pulled out the sketch kit and made a fairly simple ink pen, brush pen, and water-brush sketch. It is ok. Maybe a bit stiff. Maybe a bit too reliant on hatching; but ok.

Waiting Area, GCC WEB

Phileas and Varsity Fountain pens, Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, and a little bit of water from a water-brush pen. 6″x4″

After that sketch, I turned to a very different subject, I turned to look out the windows. The waiting area was graced with multiple banks of large window panels. The light flowed into the space and the sky filled my field of vision.

And a bit unexpectedly, I could see that the clouds were thickening. some even looking like we might get a rain shower. None was forecast but it is summer and above 90F so showers or thunderstorms are always possible.

Anyway, the clouds were moving slowly, barely faster than the folks in the room around me. This time I committed to starting my sketch in pencil and ink.

Unexpected Clouds WEB

Pencil, water-soluble ink, Caran d’Ache Watercolor leads, Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Platinum Preppy pen, and a little bit of water from a water-brush pen. 5″x7″

I started with light pencil work and quickly added scruffy ink lines within the cloud shapes. The ink was from a marker that I laid almost flat to get some nice “dry brush” like line quality. I proceeded to use the water brush to dilute the ink from these lines, spreading it up, out, and down from the cloud shapes. I was careful to take some of the ink wash out in linear ways that filled in or echoed the clouds contours. I also used a little to indicate the sky behind the tops of the clouds.

After that it was a matter of putting in a few more lines. I alternated between my pencil, an ultramarine watercolor lead, and a fine nabbed Platinum Preppy pen. Lastly … and totally unplanned … using some more of the Caran d’Ache watercolor leads and the Brushpen, I added the hint of the top of a tree line.

An unexpected sketch with an unexpected finish.

I guess I waited just long enough.

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